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May. 26th, 2011

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

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it's not foolish for believing the impossible, cause there aren't the impossible when all things are possible

romance header,,credit to strictlyrhythm

Jan. 9th, 2010

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

new tees!

My tees have arrived! Yeaay! I’m amazed at how fast the delivery service work.lol  (you know, since usually it’s my sist doing)



Btw, have any of you ever order something from IC soccer (if I'm not mistaken, at
www.hkjai.com) ? I’m desperate to have those tees there. Soooo uber cute‼ xD  (though I haven’t been able to order them, still. Gyaahhh… :( )



Jan. 2nd, 2010

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

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Haha… I know that it’s a bit late to say Happy New Year, so Happy 2nd day of the Year, everybody! :PP

2009 has been a roller coaster year for me  (and for some of you,too I believe).  One of the best and worst things I’ve ever experienced happened back then. All of mix of emotions, ha! But anyway, the good ones will remain being sweet (and great, magnificent, unbelievable :P) memories and the bad one, well, it just thought us a lesson and made us stronger. Hahahahaaha!

I hope everyone will have a great, great,  great year in this year, full of blessings, and surely have a better life :D *hugglesssss* and don’ t forget to SMILE! Haha, smiling, laughing you pick it. Those little things simply make everything easier and happier! So smile….! :DDD

Ps: I’ve been a very bad f-list, I know! So sorry… :(  . LJ’s used to be my place of serenity but well, these recent months, many things just happened discouraging me for it. But  it’s,okeyy right now, I’ll try better. and
the wishes and resolutions:

1.  Increasing my GPA

2.  Study hard, play hard *nyeehhee! ;D*

3.  Taking Spanish course

4.  Taking TOEFL course

5.  Finishing reorganizing the bedroom. (it has to be finished)

6.  Praying more  :)


-getting a shiny bright GPA on this!and next semester. (oh, yeah..not that I’m the brightest crayon on the box, and because of that my WISH to get that is extra jumbo. *ckckck…when I will learn,,,*

-LFC finishes at the top four and qualifies to CL then gets at least one trophy this year. Everyone can hope, right?
-my sister passes her entrance exam of university. and please God , let it be my uni. Amen.

Am confused to make resolutions to be honest.lol. Of course there are other wishes which are too wild and too crazy, produced by this too damaged fangirl’s brain, err,,, but we’ll just leave it for it is :P

And I wish this laptop will stop all these shocks ! Hah, what’s wrong with the electricity in this room?? !

On another note, big condolence for our 4th President , KH. Abdurrahman Wahid who has been passed away the day before the new year’s eve. I heard it was caused by complication of various illness L. He is the Father of Pluralism, people should thank him for that, really. May you rest in peace, sir.

Like he said, “Gitu aja kok repot?”.

This. Could be a really cool tagline ;D  Expressing simplicity and peace somehow. It’s like having linear meaning with the ‘why so serious?’. Great ain’t it? :D*
The holiday is still a month to go, haha, have to start seeking  something fun to do!

:: and, of course, hope our boys will do well and win tonight! ::


Jul. 21st, 2009

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips


I know that this has happened on the previous days, but well,, the effect, you can't just erase it. I feel it comes, then NOT AGAIN. fuck you, terrorist! just FUCK YOU FULL.

swearing and carutan adlina..Collapse )
My dream to see our S/X moment may be a fragile hope right now, idk...*hopeless mode:on* ,,but I think we all have to be able to see the positive sides from all incidents, from any case happened to us,,,so, hmmm well,, maybe this is God's plan (hha..). maybe, IF Stevie can't come to Singapore  this week then maybe on 2011 ,he (and Xabi, I don't forget you, baby ;D) and the whole team can come here,instead, visit Indonesia (am not crazy, you know.). We have like a million fans here, hey =D

Because, WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Mr. Terrorist (whoever you are) you are like a big,big shithole. You thought that you win it,now? Well,you thought wrong, then =P


hha,, by the way, this song just get it all..

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

It's a mad time to live in, mad time

I don't even bother to use English. *tired sigh*
after all,all these past wrecking weeks,I just want to ask,"why????"

Xabi's shitter rumours

does it have to be another ambiguity?Collapse )

Will Stevie join the team, or Not?

Please, Stevie..=(Collapse )

additional. C'mon, finish my Final Paper...

blurb..blurb..Collapse )

last words...STEVIE+XABI WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER (hha..here we go again xD)
I know! =D

Feb. 26th, 2009

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

Make Us Dream,,,!!!

regarding to Elynn's entry (which was came from some post on RAWK if I'm not mistaken),,
yaaaa,, it seems that I should do her suggestion. No. I have to.

hahaha,,, my first entry since,,I can't even remember,, but this is important. It is. For keeping us hopin'. For keeping us stay faithful.
And it's not only speaking bout the CL itself, don't you think?
Most of the match they played lately did us to indeed hang onto dream =(  (my  poor heart went weaker day by day)
(I'm not making sense. yesss...I know)

forgetting my expression of happiness,,hhahaha..
OH LORD ,,, YES,,THANK YOU ,,,WE WON!!!!! =DDDD~~~~~
our home will be FUntastiC  for the finishing touch,,, yahhaayyy,,,, !! Get on them, lads =D

On another note,,,,
as for the early plan, I wore my Stevie jersey today. Not full day, though. My class only started at 1.30 pm (good for me. Since my sleeping schedule was shifted yesterday. just got sleep at 5 fooking am). And a girl in my class told us how ppl turned crazy yesterday. Changing their shoutout rapidly into something around "watching Liverpool following Ilham" or "waiting for del Piero's goal", etc,etc,,lmao.. oh yeah, I'm a facebook kiddo, me =P
and finally,,finally,, my student card has (again) been found. Luckily the comp. lab didn't put the lost cards onto display or something, like on Lost and Found board. I might not come back to FE if it did, then. Oh, the embarrassment. why does my photo always turn like that???
No assistance tomorrow,, kak Talitha has replaced our lecturer today,, so, additional day for the LOVELY assignments (as if I'll do them straightaway,,,hahahahaa,,,)



Sep. 2nd, 2008

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

(no subject)

I just want to say

<a href="http://mnsls.com/" title="Happy Birthday Myspace Comments"><img src="http://i.mynicespace.com/74/7430.jpg" alt="Happy Birthday Myspace Comments" border="0"></a><br><a href="http://mnsls.com/happy-birthday-7430.html" title="Happy Birthday Myspace Comments">MyNiceSpace.com</a>

for Elynn (el3anorrigby )...!

Hope u have a Great B'day, dear,,, *hugs* and may God Bless u! Amieen...

Aug. 2nd, 2008

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

Finally...!!! time to holideeeiii,,,

At last...my final short semester test was over! over! bwahahahaha....
(I wonder how can they call it SEMESTER if you're forced to study those THINGS  in only 2 months,,,)

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Jun. 30th, 2008

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips



barus empet nge post,
bingung  mau libur kemanaaa ,,
mau ke jkrta , tapi ga bolehh,
ya sudaahh,,dirumah sjo lah lah laii,,,
hmm,,ngapainn ya bagus liburann?

may new project!
mau coba bikin fanfic ahh,,
tapii bukan ttg ste-xabi,kyk yg sering di baca si unii,,
tak pandai akuu bikin kyk gituu,,
sebenrnya niat ni udah lama ,tapi blom sempet terlaksanaa,,
soalnya kemaren2 tu sibukkk,skolah lah+PR+TUGAS+LES,,
rencananya mau bikin fanfic yg cuma bwt lucu2an doangg,,
tokoh utamanyaaaaa adalahhhhhh ,,,
yeah, THE DROG!

soalnya cerita ga seru klo tanpa kehadiran dyee,,
(gw udah bayangin ekspresi di uni nge baca ini)

abis cerita ttg the drog ni,,biasanya cma tercetuskann secara lisan doangg,,,
hehe,,udah byk sih versinyaa,,
dri dya pulang kampung ke GADING bEACH lahh,dll..dll

tapii gw harus bikin kerangka paragrafnya duluuu,,,

hmm,,mungkin si drogba akan di pasangkan dgn Adebayorr di cerita inii,
pasti jadi sebuah cerita yg

baiklahh klo bgtyuu,,
tunggu postingan berikutnyaa yeaaa..

Jun. 29th, 2008

Super Junior : Kyuhyun - sexy lips

ya ampunnnn..

ya ampunn,
gw baru ingaet,,
riise ga di liverpool lagii,
tambah kacou dehh,beknya,,
haduhh bgaimna ini?
kyknya kiverpool perlu beli bek lagi dehh,,
gmnaa klo phillip LAHM?
hhe,,lumayan oke tuhh kyknyaaa,

wat de fuck?!
dasarr pemilik klub anjritt!!!

mungkin dya gaa da waktu final di istanbul!
jadi dya kurang merasakn kenangan,,
apalagi bagi para [ahlawan waktu di istanbul!

truss gerrard siapa lagi dong shabatnya dii liverpool?
masa cma berdua ma XABI?
kan mereka harusnya ber 3?


ntah kenapa gw merasa seperti memiliki ikatan tertentu dgn riise,
dya kan org pertama yg gw tau (selain gerrard) di liverpool,
hiks,,waktu tu gw ga tau satu pun pemain liverpool,
en yg gw liat riise tu hobinya nempel terus ma gerrard,,,
jadi gampang di kenalinn,,

goood byee riise!!

PS : ehh,,
bisa ga ya ,,klo pemain yg udah di jual ntar di beli lagii gituu?

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